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Difference Between Taxis and Private Hire, Tourist Help

Raising awareness about the licensing differences between Taxis, also known as Hackney Carriages and Private Hire vehicles...

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Cotswold Pudding Recipe

This Cotswold pudding recipe is inspired by the world famous Yorkshire pudding, but filled with luscious shallots and wholesome carrots. The recipe is an individual version of this classic English food...

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Top 5 Secrets to a Fantastic Cotswold Tour 2017!

An article that describes our Top Tips and Secrets for enjoying a perfect Tour of the Cotswolds...

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Cotswolds Weather Review October 2017

Weather outlook for the Cotswolds in October 2017 which can be quite variable and worth reviewing...

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View "Cotswold Dumplings Recipe, Taste of the Past"

Cotswold Dumplings are fried little cheese balls and are often associated with stews or served with a vegetable tomato puree. Unusually these dumplings contain a cheese flavour and have a toasted breadcrumb coating, similar to a Scotch-egg. To make these dumplings totally unique they are cooked by deep-frying them...

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